…. ” Cream Cheese”

Cream cheese - a soft, mild-tasting fresh cheese made from milk and cream. I often hear that following a LCHF lifestyle is so expensive and you need to buy all these special "products" - you have to use. One of the things that recently came up was cream cheese. Cream cheese is so versatile - you … Continue reading …. ” Cream Cheese”

….”Cinnamon rolls”

Cinnamon rolls - that tiny piece of heaven on earth I  love anything cinnamon flavoured, to me it is the perfect spice. Something between spicy and sweet. I add cinnamon to almost everything I make - sweet or savoury. I used to live for Easter just to indulge in hot cross buns and my annual … Continue reading ….”Cinnamon rolls”

….”Chicken soup”

Chicken soup - the magical cure for flu I might be the only person that believes that chicken soup is all you need when you feel sick. So we started this winter on a bad note with everybody getting sick. First it was hubby with the sniffles, followed by Little M (she actually got so … Continue reading ….”Chicken soup”

….Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce - not only meant for egg benedict..... Who would have guest a person can write an entire post on a sauce with only 3 ingredients. From a young age I enjoyed cooking. Trying out new recipes, testing flavours, adapting recipes to my liking. I can still remember my very first "real" cookbook I … Continue reading ….Hollandaise sauce