How did you start your journey with LCHF?

Our journey is not one of being overweight and starting LCHF because we needed to lose weight. Our motivation is our daughter. We share our story with all the readers from the Lose IT magazine and you can also read about our journey LOSE-IT-The-low-carb-way_Volume-19_preview – Our Family story

I have a sweet tooth and really struggle to make something that is allowed without eating incorrectly or taking too long or breaking the budget. Any quick recipes you can share?

Many people crave something sweet from time to time. There are many low carb approved treats that will assist with this sweet craving. Our personal favourite is cream cheese fat bombs. You can make a batch, keep it in the freezer and just take one when the craving hits. (DISCLAIMER – sweet treats should only be enjoyed occasionally. If you are fighting your sugar dragon, eating sweet treats will only make it worse). Here are some great recipes you can try that is both time and budget friendly. Freeze them individually so that you don’t over indulge.

Lemon cheesecake fat bombs

Buttercream fat bombs

Keto brownies

Does coffee have an impact on your weight loss?

Great question. I’m a coffee addict but try and limit my coffee to 3 cups a day with cream( no sweetener). The big challenge with coffee is the milk. People tend to forget that milk contains carbs and before you know it you have used 250 ml milk (containing about 10 g carbs). If you try and keep your carb intake below 30g per day, being await of your coffee intake will help. Unless you drink black and bitter coffee – go ahead and enjoy. Make sure you use pure coffee (100% Arabic coffee)¬†like Jacobs or Nescafe Gold. Many instant coffee brands contains sugar – read labels, you will be shocked.





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