….Happy Holidays (#12)

The biggest meal of the year is only a few days away. Most people save up to ensure they have a table filled with gammon, turkey, roast beef, leg of lamb and on the side maybe some chicken and prawn. I am a believer of less is more, especially during the holiday season. Do we … Continue reading ….Happy Holidays (#12)

….Happy Holidays (#11)

I'm going to share a little secret with all of you today. I love secretly converting people to low carb. It might seem like an impossible mission, but I've had some great victories recently. We are extremely passionate about our low carb lifestyle, but many people think this is just a phase and we will … Continue reading ….Happy Holidays (#11)

….Happy Holidays (#10)

We all know the saying - healthy body, healthy mind. I totally believe this is true. Staying active during the holiday season seems like a drag - let's be honest - if you are not training for a marathon or compete in a fitness competition, why would you visit the gym or work out everyday. … Continue reading ….Happy Holidays (#10)

….Happy holidays (#9)

If you are anything like me, you are probably busy planning your menu for Christmas day. I like to plan ahead to ensure on the day I can relax and enjoy every moment. So this year we will enjoy a very short break over Christmas to visit my parents and sister in Nelspruit. The heat … Continue reading ….Happy holidays (#9)

….Happy holidays (#8)

Unlike the northern parts of the world, we are lucky to have a summer festive season - sun, sea and plenty of drinks. Social media are filled with images of girls in bikini's, friends sipping cocktails and all those family ice cream outings. I am the worse ever when it comes to drinking water. I drink … Continue reading ….Happy holidays (#8)

…. Happy Holidays (# 3)

You would think that having fun comes naturally to most people, especially over the holiday season, but in truth, most people find this time of the year extremely stressful. More so if you are trying to stick to your "diet" of low carb lifestyle. Most people do not have very supportive friend and family members … Continue reading …. Happy Holidays (# 3)