…. ” Non-scale Victories”

NSV - my true measure of progress Please tell me I am not the only person dreading getting onto the scale. This evil little device control so many women (and men), sadly. I use to be one of them. Getting on the scale resulted in one of two responses - yes, I knew I look … Continue reading …. ” Non-scale Victories”

….”Fathead dough”

Fathead dough - the most versatile low carb dough you will ever find. I must admit - when I first read about fathead dough I though just another low carb, gluten-free dough that will not live up to the hype. Well - please accept my sincere apology - fathead dough is way better. The basic … Continue reading ….”Fathead dough”

…. ” Cream Cheese”

Cream cheese - a soft, mild-tasting fresh cheese made from milk and cream. I often hear that following a LCHF lifestyle is so expensive and you need to buy all these special "products" - you have to use. One of the things that recently came up was cream cheese. Cream cheese is so versatile - you … Continue reading …. ” Cream Cheese”

….” Life bake products”

Life bake - "was born out of my sheer desperation, as a mother to a child with severe food allergies, in my quest to find HEALTHY Allergen-Free food for my family." I am not a fan of any pre-packaged or pre-made product, regardless of the endorsement labels. Normally, when something is labeled "Banting Friendly", "Low … Continue reading ….” Life bake products”

….”Cinnamon rolls”

Cinnamon rolls - that tiny piece of heaven on earth I  love anything cinnamon flavoured, to me it is the perfect spice. Something between spicy and sweet. I add cinnamon to almost everything I make - sweet or savoury. I used to live for Easter just to indulge in hot cross buns and my annual … Continue reading ….”Cinnamon rolls”