Variety is the spice of life!

As a low carb coach the one complaint I get daily is – “I’m so bored with my food”. my response is always the same – your meals are just as exciting as you make them.

It seems like there is a tendency to think Low Carb means bacon and eggs for breakfast, and plenty of bulletproof coffee…….This is not true at all. A low carb lifestyle is about whole food – balanced and healthy. Yes, low carb eliminates grains, legumes, sugar and limit dairy and fruit, but we do not need these food items.

This is my ultimate favourite summary of what people think low carb is…..

low carb

As a low carb family, we try to eat different meals weekly. We do have our trusted favourites, but we play around with the ingredients to ensure we don’t get stuck in the same boring routine of eating “diet” food.

We share our meals daily on our social media pages (Facebook or Instagram), to share ideas on what you can enjoy on a low carb lifestyle. Many beginners get stuck with only a few food items (bacon, eggs, avocado, cheese and coffee), and have no idea how to enjoy all the other delicious low carb ingredients.

Most people are creatures of habit, so trying out something new is very scary. I am pretty much the same. I tend to order the same meal time and time again. I would make certain food items only one way and seldom try something new. Low carb forced me to play around with textures and flavours. My biggest surprise was totally falling in love with chicken livers. Before low carb, I hated it. Just the though of it made me feel sick. Now we enjoy chicken livers for breakfast or even dinner with zoodles.

Personally, I believe variety is key to surviving a low carb lifestyle. Eating the same food everyday will make you feel deprived and most likely result in a cheat or two. The most important thing is – enjoy your food. Play around with different ingredients and don’t be scared to try something new. We have a few family favourite that we make regularly, but most days I cook with what I have and do not spend hours preparing meals.

Cooking for a toddler also forces us to be “creative” with food. We are very lucky she enjoys all low carb food (she doesn’t know anything else really). Sadly she can only eat chicken, fish and lamb – which can be a bit of a challenge. Until a few month ago, she didn’t mind eating chicken almost daily, but now, she will just leave it. Now we try to do different things with chicken. Chicken meatballs, chicken stir-fry, chicken wings, chicken schnitzel and stuffed chicken breasts, just to mention a few.

If you need help with finding the perfect balance for you, contact us for guidance. Please share with us some of your family favourite low carb meals – lets help each other discover new and exciting meals.