Exercise – physical torture you put your body through to proof you can.

I always enjoyed an active lifestyle – but working out on my own – I am just so bad with motivating myself. Before we got married we use to go to the gym daily and I loved it. I would have somebody there with me, just hanging out and getting into shape. But, I also believed that if you want to lose weight you HAD TO GYM. How wrong was I.

I use to see exercise as punishment or torture. I ate a muffin so now I had to do 40 minutes cardio. Most of the time I would justify eating something carb and sugar loaded, you know, because I did go to the gym.


When we started this lifestyle, I wanted to change my relationship with food and exercise. I joined a fitness group last year (Better with Balance) and loved every moment. We were a ladies group training twice a week. This was the start of my fitness journey. I realized that exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do and not punishment for what you eat that day.

Sadly, do to health challenges with Little M, working out became challenging especially with set times. January I decided that I would join the gym again. I know I use to lack the self-discipline to regularly go to the gym, but I wanted to see if my lifestyle change also played a role in my relationship with exercise.

I am happy to report, I now go to the gym between 3 and 4 times a week. I train with a personal trainer on Wednesdays and the other days, I just do a light workout. I enjoy my workouts and have no desire to become the latest fitness sensation. I am amazed by what my body can do. I can do 30 minutes cardio and still smile. Do some weight training and make jokes.


To me, this is a new and exciting journey. I workout when I can and do not feel guilty about not going to the gym on some days. I can see the changes in my body. The scale might not be moving (and haven’t moved in a few months) but my workout pants are falling down and people ask me if I am loosing weight. So I am smiling all the way.

The best part of it all is – we do it as a family. Little M enjoys the kiddies area, where she can also take part in some fitness activities. She can swim in the kiddies pool and enjoy all the vitality active rewards – she calls them smoolies (smoothies). We get to teach her about health and fitness and to find the balance. Not focusing on being skinny but just living an active lifestyle, eating healthy and enjoy the occasional sweet treats (low carb and sugar-free of course).

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