…. Whole 30 (2)

I survived my January whole 30.

I expected it to be hard, but it was not that hard this round. Last year I also did a whole 30 and experienced it much harder. We kept low carb over the holiday period so I guess it assisted me on this journey. doing-the-w30-IG

Many people wanted to know why I wanted to do a Whole 30 if I already follow a low carb lifestyle. My main motivation behind the January Whole 30 was to cut down on dairy. The last few months of 2017, I lived on cream and cheese – needless to say I got bloated, picked up some weight and just generally felt horrible.

I also cut down on my coffee intake. I love coffee! I ended up having about 6 cups of coffee a day, which was not great for me. I was worried about giving up cream coffee and I know I hate black coffee. The first week I tried black coffee, but it was just not for me. I started looking for unsweetened almond milk and ended up making my own. It wasn’t bad, but only lasted 2 days before it got sour – not great. Finally found a nice unsweetened almond milk with no sunflower oil. I now love my almond milk coffee. Its even great in an ice coffee.

I was lucky to have no “carb flu” during the first week. I did suffer a bit from fatigue, but it was nothing major. We had a few get togethers with friends, but I managed to say true. The hardest days for me were day 25 to 30.


As we are not great with breakfast I was forced to make a point of eating it. We decided to get up a little bit earlier and have breakfast together. It was great for us, as we had a few minutes each morning to just reconnect with each other. I also had to make a point of not starting my day with coffee.

Lunch and dinner was fairly easy as we generally only eat a protein and veggies with these two meals. Snacking was also not really a problem as I am use to only eating 2 meals a day without any snacks. The one thing I suddenly did miss was something sweet. I generally do not eat sweet stuff – apart from Blueberries. This time round I felt like having something sweet almost everyday. Luckily I didn’t give in and I must say I am happy with the results.

We share all our meals on our Facebook and Instagram pages during the Whole 30.

In the end the scale didn’t change. I did lose about 5 cm overall so I guess it is great. Keeping in mind Whole 30 was not designed for weight loss. I realized I can live without dairy – almond milk coffee is not that bad. I also realized I do not need food to make me happy. I control my emotions and no food will make me feel emotionally better = FOOD FREEDOM

Would love to hear your Whole 30 story…..