….January goals

Let’s be honest….who is still sticking to their new years resolutions?

I took January to reflect on 2017 – what did I want to achieve and what did I actually achieve. It was a bit of a wake up call to realize I’m great at setting goals, but horrible at achieving them.

I changed my approach for 2018 and so far I think I am doing great. I set goals for each month and to show my commitment, I will update you on the progress each month.

GROWTH – I managed to read “Screw it, let’s do it”. I really enjoyed the book. Richard Branson shared not only his success stories but also all this failures. You will never achieve your goals if you keep on dreaming. You need to take some calculated risks. Sometime they will work out, other times they wont.

WORK – I managed to write some blog articles and advertise my low carb coaching weekly. If you want to change your situation you need to work toward your goals and not care what other people will think about you. I will also have my very first stall at the Pretoria Banting Market, and I am so excited!

FAMILY – This was the one area we neglected. Hubby is swamped at work and we get very little time with him. We will have to work harder in reaching these goals.

First book for 2018

HEALTH – I completed my Whole 30 challenge and really enjoyed it. Was not sure if I would be able to make it but in the end I succeeded. I wanted to lose 1 kg, which is not much, but instead of setting unrealistic goals I decided to keep it low. Scale didn’t change but I did loose cm’s – so I will take that. I also joined the gym – or let me rephrase – our entire family got signed up. Little M is loving the kiddies area and can’t wait to go daily. I didn’t manage to run my 5km race – but I will make up for it.

Overall, I think it was a good month. Finally settling into the daily routine and moving forward. Did you set goals? Did you achieve your goals? Feel free to share your progress with us.

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