….Happy Holidays (#16)

I would like to think of myself of an experience meal prepper…..if there is something like a meal prepper. I believe the only way to survive is to meal prep. I’ve share my take on meal prep before on the blog and I still live by it.

So over the weekend we visited our favourite farmers market and stocked up on some fresh vegetables and fruit (mainly for Little M). We buy in bulk where possible. We tend to stock up on vegetable with a slightly longer “shelf life” – sweet potato, gem squash, onions, carrots, butternut and cabbage.


With the holiday season ahead, we have a little bit extra time on our hands. I like to start preparing for 2018 and stock up on freezer meals. I generally make about 5 or 6 different meals ranging from low carb lasagna to lamb curry or even just vegetable portions like creamed spinach, cauliflower and broccoli and pumpkin. Spending a day in the kitchen might seem like a lot of work and very time-consuming, but in the end it will ensure we stay on plan.

With Little M we don’t have much of a choice whether we want to eat low carb or just “cheat”. I have to prepare all her meals for school (dealing with severe food allergies) and to make things easier for us, freezer meals and meal prep are the obvious winner.

My advice would be to start small. Cook pumpkin in bulk and just freeze it in a family portion size. Or perhaps make a big pot of soup of stew and portion it. That way, when time is limited you can just fry up some cauli-rice or zoodles while you are heating your stew and have a healthy low carb meal ready in 15 minutes.

Freezer meals

No excuses to fail – be prepared and start 2018 on the right track.