….Happy Holidays (#15)

What would your Christmas lunch be without the vegetables and other strange side dishes. Most of the traditional side dishes we hate… I think Micheal McIntyre summed it up perfectly.


In South Africa with the African sun, side dishes mainly consist of salads – or at least for our family. the traditional, pasta salad, potato salad, carrot salad and even a green salad if we need more “colour” on the table. My husband family also enjoy salads but mainly moulded salads – like this carrot salad or beetroot salad. Needless to say, I am not the biggest fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love salad but I prefer a crunchy salad with many different flavours.

There are so many options available even for a low carb lifestyle. If you cannot find at least 3 amazing side dishes here, I have no advice. Some sides can be enjoyed both warm or cold, like bacon wrapped asparagus or broccoli tots. Sweet potato fries or bake with mushroom and bacon is also a great side dish.

If you prefer a salad you can find some amazing salad recipes online. I have a favourite – cauliflower and broccoli salad. You can also play around with grilled vegetables and add some grilled halloumi or feta to your grilled vegetable salad. Mock “potato” salad seems to be very popular with many low carbers.

Try something new this festive season, or take your favourite recipe and jazz it up. Just make sure you stay away from all the “traditional” carb heavy sides. Feel free to share some of your favourite side dishes with us.