….Happy Holiday (#14)

How do you create lasting memories? Why do we remember certain events or moments better than others? Is it just genetically – some people have better memories or is there something else to it?

I am all about making memories. Most of the time the moment I remember the best is not the one that cost the most, but it is the one moment that touched my heart. That moment Little M wanted to dance with me just because she felt like dancing. That moment where time stood still as we watched the sun set over the city.

Memories-MadeThis year was a pretty hard year for us. I lost a very dear friend to cancer. I still think about her everyday and miss her so much, but all the crazy memories we made together keeps me going. Sometimes a memory of a negative moment in your life can bring about so much gratitude and pride as you think back and realize how far you have come.

I do believe you need to create memories. You need to open up you heart, body and soul for those moments to be captured. Always try to focus on the joy a memory can bring you. All the laughing and chatting in the kitchen while everyone helped prepare Christmas lunch. Or those stories told by granma about when you parents were young and silly.  making-memories-vinyl-wall-quote1

Try and make some memories this holiday season. Have fun, start new traditions, visit new place and try new food (hopefully low carb). Phone up old friends, grab a coffee with family, make time for each other and make special memories. With Little M I feel everyday holds a new special memory. I like to write them down so that one day she can read all about her silly moments.

What is your greatest memory from your childhood? Or perhaps for 2017? I will share all my 2017 memories and moments with you the last day of this year, if I can narrow them down to the top 5……