….Happy Holidays (#13)

Holidays should be all about traditions. Whether they are old or new, it doesn’t matter. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood is about those family traditions. Over the years we have developed a few family traditions of our own.

Our first tradition we started was long before low carb. A day of celebration – our last day of work for the year. This year will be no different, we will go out for our celebrating meal and have a drink (or two), but we will just keep it low carb. Another tradition we started, was to not have a traditional Christmas tree with shop bought ornaments. Before we moved to the “big city” we used to go into the field and pick our own “Christmas tree”. It was such a fun experience and it will always stay with me.

cmas2Each year we also update our ornaments. We make them ourselves and it is a great family activity. Little M had a great time paint and sprinkling glitter everywhere (yes, it can get very messy, but still worth it). Hubby also upgrade our tree last year he made one for us with wood. Its plain but we love it. It feels like it is our little family tree and nobody else got one exactly like us.

A tradition can be as big or small as you want it. Perhaps you can find one activity everybody can do – like decorating a plate or mug using ceramic pens. Perhaps it can be a tradition to bake biscuits and decorate them together (we use to do that, but still working on a perfect recipe for Little M – one big challenge). How about eating a slice of cake (low carb of course) on Christmas morning for breakfast, or allow each person to select on dish for lunch.

It really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it will be a special activity for everybody. We are still working on new traditions, and I am sure as Little M gets older, she will have a few ideas of her own. The great thing about a tradition is that no matter where you celebrate Christmas, you can always have that one things bringing everyone together.

Feel free to share your holiday tradition with us – would love to hear what brings your family (and friends) together.