….Happy Holidays (#11)

I’m going to share a little secret with all of you today. I love secretly converting people to low carb. It might seem like an impossible mission, but I’ve had some great victories recently.

We are extremely passionate about our low carb lifestyle, but many people think this is just a phase and we will get tired of it soon (hope they are not holding their breath).  Every time we get family visiting, I have to check if the one tin brown sugar I have, is still edible, and if they want anything non low carb – they have to either bring it with or stay without it.

giving plate

Last year we decided to make low carb inspired gifts for our immediate family (you can read about it here). I made low carb strawberry jam, brownies and added some biltong and nuts to the “giving plate”. The idea was to show them that low carb is not  just green leafy vegetables and water. To my surprise they all loved the jam and even requested the recipe later on.

I believe if you educate people they will be more open to try something new. We are definitely not part of the low carb “Mafia” where we stuff it in your face all the time or tell you how bad your eating habits are, but we do invite people to try some of our low carb option…. or we take them to the low carb market.

So why not share the love this holiday season and consider some low carb gifts to friends and family. The options are endless – you can make a special gift basket containing some ready-made low carb treats, you can invest in some great low carb kitchen tools (if the person likes cooking), you can even consider giving them one of the great low carb books available (I can highly recommend the Low Carb Creed). You can even share some of your favourite recipes with them. Holiday-Gift-in-a-Jar

The holiday season is all about showing how much you care about your loved ones, and what could be more perfect than sharing some of the amazing benefits from low carb living with them.