….Happy Holidays (#10)

get active

We all know the saying – healthy body, healthy mind. I totally believe this is true. Staying active during the holiday season seems like a drag – let’s be honest – if you are not training for a marathon or compete in a fitness competition, why would you visit the gym or work out everyday.

This was how I use to think. This year I joined a fitness group and I realized there is more to fitness than just a toned body. I am very far from toned and most days I still think I am just way to flabby on all the spots I would like to be toned. That said – I am slightly getting addicted with staying active. beingactivewebgraphic2

Whether you go for a walk with your toddler or swim a few laps, it really doesn’t matter. It is not about the workout but about the effect it will have on your mind, body and soul. We tend to turn into coach potatoes during the holiday season and making all these “pie in the sky” promises to yourself that come January we will start working out or get more active. Why take a break? You are already eating healthy and following a great lifestyle so keeping active will just be part of this lifestyle.


Find a fun activity you can do as a family. It doesn’t have to involve any “traditional” training or equipment, but just get moving. Make it fun for young and old. Play catch with your kids, take the dogs for a walk. Take a hike in a nature reserve or visit the botanical gardens, it doesn’t matter.

One of my holiday season goals are to take at least 10 000 steps. So far, I have met my target everyday, and it feels great. It is like a little personal challenge between me and my fitbit. My hubby thinks I’m mad for walking up and down the passage when I am only a few steps short of my goal. So go ahead and get active – you will thank yourself in January when joining the gym (again….) will be much easier.