….Happy holidays (#7)

It might just be me, but during the holidays I tend to snack. I know I don’t need to snack and it is out of habit, but I just can’t break this evil cycle. There is something about staying at home the entire day that makes me want to eat.

In my case this is not just unique to the holiday season. When I was on maternity leave with Little M, I managed to pick up more weight then what I picked up my entire pregnancy. So being at home is not a good thing for me.


Luckily I’ve learned from my previous experiences and now I stock up on low carb approved snacks. I believe if you don’t buy junk snacks you cannot eat junk snacks. So now we stock up on low carb snacks. Biltong, cheese, eggs, cucumber and even low carb brownies. I stay away from nuts as I cannot control myself – I absolutely love nuts.

We also make sweet potato crisps and seed crackers goes great with a cream cheese dip or just plain with plenty of Himalayan salt. Making mini Quiche and keeping it in the fridge means you can easily “heat and eat” and who will complain. So my advice to you – stock up on healthy snacks and whenever you feel like snacking just grab something from the fridge and snack guilt free.