….Happy Holidays (# 4)

How do you say no to a lovely piece of chocolate cake or freshly baked bread? This must be one of the hardest things to do. You don’t want to eat something non low carb, but at the same time you do not want to seem ungrateful to your host. I know, I’ve been there, many times.

I was brought up to never say no when you are offered food – whether you like it our not. So having to learn how to say no and not feel guilty was really hard for me. I always felt I needed to explain my decision, so that people don’t think I am rude, only to realize they don’t really care. So why is it so hard to say no??the-day-you-learn-to-say-no-to-what-currently-is-is-the-day-you-unlock-the-possibility-of-all-that-could-be

I decided to change my approach. Instead of saying “no I can’t eat this or that cause I’m banting”, I just said “no thank you”, without any explanation. I realized the more I tried to explain why I didn’t eat some thing, the more people encouraged me to “cheat”. Most people don’t really understand this lifestyle. Why would I be on a permanent “diet”, if I don’t really want to lose weight……

I made up my mind and nothing anybody could say would discourage my lifestyle choice. I started saying “no” because I honestly didn’t want the piece of cake or the sugar loaded dessert. I know what grains, sugar and processed food do to my body and how I suffer when I eat it. So saying “no” became easier and now people accept my answer, without even questioning it.


Once you decide to say “no” for the right reasons it is so liberating. No more feeling guilty or even feeling bad for saying “no”. So never let other people lead you into temptation because they don’t understand this lifestyle.