…. Happy Holidays (# 3)

You would think that having fun comes naturally to most people, especially over the holiday season, but in truth, most people find this time of the year extremely stressful. More so if you are trying to stick to your “diet” of low carb lifestyle.

Most people do not have very supportive friend and family members as they see low carb living as just another fad diet. I know from experience many friends and family members would tell me – just a little bit of potatoes or pasta salad or even fruit cake won’t kill you. They are probably right – I won’t die from eating it, but I would wish I did from all the digestive discomfort these food would cause me.

have fun

It took me many hard year to realize that having fun means more than just eating and drinking. You can have a great time without carb heavy food. I know when you are on holiday all you want to do is indulge in ice cream and hotdogs, and of course lovely summer cocktails, but will it be worth it in the end.

So how can you have fun during this holiday season and still stick to your low carb lifestyle? I love to explore – finding new coffee shops (yes, I admit my coffee addiction might be out of control) or cafe’s that actually caters to a low carb lifestyle. For example – this holiday I am planning to visit the new Jacksons real food market branch that opened up near us. The great thing about this is I can even order some cake with my coffee and know it is low carb approved. 1_funday

We are also planning on taking Little M to the zoo. A fun family day and we can pack our own food so no need to worry about what will be available. Having a fun get together with friends and offering to bring low carb approved snacks (who in South Africa will say no to biltong, cheese and chicken wings?) or even offer to help with the meal can ensure a stress free holiday. From my experience all the non-low carbers tend to enjoy the low carb food more than their own carb heavy food, so make sure you take enough with.

Remember, by setting clear goals for the holiday season and taking each moment as it comes (and perhaps a little planning) you can have a great holiday season. This is a lifestyle and not a death sentence, so go ahead and have fun.