….Low carb holidaying

I know this sounds like an impossible mission, but guess what – it is possible to have a holiday and still eat low carb.

We just returned from our very short breakaway to the coast, and proud to say we stayed low carb 95% of the time. Yes, out total carb intake per day were slightly higher, but we avoided the “red list” items with the exception of two cocktails we enjoyed as part of our celebration.

Breakfast, (lunch) and dinner was ordered from a menu – and I was pleasantly surprise to see so many restaurant catering for low carb. We opted for veggies instead of starch for dinner and even enjoyed a curry (without the rice). Breakfast was pretty standard – bacon, eggs and some mushrooms or tomatoes. And of course plenty of coffee.

We started each morning with a cup of coffee on our balcony, enjoying the fresh sea breeze before getting ready for breakfast. The hotel had a few restaurant so we could just sit down and relax after our morning walk.

Most days we only had two meals, as we were having to much fun to even think about eating. Each night we tried to test out a different restaurant from Portuguese to seafood and fine dining. We knew that most meals could potentially contain some banned ingredients (gluten in sauces, sugar in pumpkin, etc.) but we were happy to deal with it.

The greatest joy for me was the low carb coffee shop we visited. We ordered cheese cake and coffee and Little M could enjoy her first “milkshake” made with coconut milk, cacao and xylitol – needless to say we all loved it. I also had time to catch up with my coach and mentor, which made this even more special.

All and all we had a great breakaway and we did it low carb. To us it is all about the lifestyle, enjoying every moment and making memories. We know that living a low carb lifestyle might not always be easy, and many people will criticize our choices, but for our family, this is the only way.

So no more excuse to stay on plan while you are on holiday. If you are still struggling and need so extra help – feel free to contact me for coaching Services



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