….Happy holidays (#2)

I know you must think I have lost my mind – who set goals in December. Goals are for the new year and not for the last month of the year. I am a firm believer that without goals you will only end up feeling guilty and are more likely to give in to all the temptations.


When I say set goals – I mean realistic goals. No, not to lose 10 kg in this month or to stay below 20 g carbs every day. I mean real and achievable goals. To me the holiday season means we will snack and over eat often and lets not even talk about the alcohol. So my goals for this holiday season will be as follows:

  • Do not gain more than 2 kg (because I know I will not lose any weight)
  • Limit daily carbs to 70 g per day
  • Allow myself 2 alcoholic drinks per day
  • Allow myself one “cheat” (this will most likely be watermelon or other fruit)
  • Get 10 000 steps every day
  • Only snack on low carb approved snacks
  • Limit my coffee intake


I am not planning to drink alcohol daily, or “cheat” daily – but I will allow myself a bit more freedom.  I am not encouraging any cheating – I will still avoid all sugar, gluten/wheat, grains, soya and processed food, I will only enjoy more orange list items and the occasional fruits.

As this is a lifestyle, a little more freedom should not set you back. Last year I hardly gained any weight and I am hoping that this year will be the same. We have our first (early) Christmas lunch with friend on Sunday, and I am so excited. I will take low carb approved food and dessert so I know I will have no need to indulge. We are truly blessed with amazing friends that accommodate us and our lifestyle.


So go ahead and write down your goals for this holiday season – have fun with them and remember that you are in charged of what you eat and drink.