…. ” Non-scale Victories”

NSV – my true measure of progress

Please tell me I am not the only person dreading getting onto the scale. This evil little device control so many women (and men), sadly. I use to be one of them. Getting on the scale resulted in one of two responses – yes, I knew I look better OR no, but I didn’t even cheat this week!


It took me a very long time to realize the scale is nothing but a “BIG FAT LIAR”. The number on the scale is meaningless. I am a very good example of this. My weight (according to the scale) have plateau – I am still the same weight as 4 month ago, but my clothing tends to disagree. In the last six-week alone I have lost 5 cm – yes, FIVE!

People keep on commenting “wow, have you lost weight”, “what’s your secret for your glowing skin”, “your hair is so strong”, but how can that be if I am still the same weight??  Easy – I am gaining muscle (thank you better with balance) and getting rid of the fat.

I was feeling pretty depressed the last few weeks (thank you to the “BIG FAT LIAR” in our bathroom) with my weight. All I wanted for my birthday was this one magic number on the scale, and guess what, it wasn’t there. So as I was going through my wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear, I spotted a top I bought in the beginning of the year and never wore as it was just to tight. Guess what?? It fitted perfectly – I even pulled it at the back, just to make sure I was not just imagining it. PS – Those jeans are supposed to be skinny jeans (they are getting a bit baggy)bmd

The scale will only drive you insane. I prefer tracking my progress with non-scale victories. You might think this will be less rewarding but I can promise you this will bring a smile to your face daily. Fitting into cloths you haven’t worn in years, or skinny jeans not fitting snug anymore. Walking up 4 flight of stairs without getting out of breath, saying no to chocolate cake, not because you are watching your weight but because you just don’t feel like it. Not having cake on your birthday (crazy I know). Running a 5km or 8km race – without any run training.

Why do we (women) measure our worth by what the scales says? The one think I learned over the last two years is that the number on the scale will not make you love yourself more. We need to learn to love our bodies – skinny, fit, curvy – you will never be happy with “that” number if you don’t love yourself.

I also noticed that my obsession with the scale already made the wrong impression on Little M. She constantly wants to get on the scale. Toddlers are great at mimicking our habits and this one got me thinking. Do I really want to teach Little M that the only way you will be beautiful is if you weigh xx kg? Shouldn’t I rather teach her that she is gorgeous no matter what her body shape of size is?


A healthy lifestyle is not linked to a number on the scale. We eat whole nutritious food. We avoid sugar, grains and processed food. We are active and enjoy spending time outdoors. We might not fit into the smallest size available – but we love every inch of our body (yes, even the flabby tummy).  We are healthy!

If you are still concerned about the scale, why not join my coaching courses, I can assist you in reaching your goals, whether it is to reach your goal weight or fit into that size ** dress.

Go ahead and tick off all your non-scale victories below – you will be surprised with the amazing progress. Say good-bye to the scale and start loving yourself!

Non-Scale victories