….”Fathead dough”

Fathead dough – the most versatile low carb dough you will ever find.

I must admit – when I first read about fathead dough I though just another low carb, gluten-free dough that will not live up to the hype. Well – please accept my sincere apology – fathead dough is way better.

The basic fathead dough recipe only calls for 4 ingredients – almond flour, cream cheese, mozzarella and egg. And you can never image that these ingredients together can make such a versatile dough. YES – you can use it for sweet treats like ….”Cinnamon rolls” or the famous ….. Pizza.

But the best part, your imagination is your own limitation with this recipe. You can use the same dough and make pot pie, braai pie, sausage rolls or even crackers or “nacho” chips. If you add some baking power you can bake buns or bagels and top it with whatever your heart desires.

The buns were divine. We used them for breakfast and lunch. One batch made about 6 buns. I kept the buns small as they are very filling. Our 6 buns lasted us the whole week, and hubby enjoyed every bite.

As if that is not enough, you can even replace the almond flour for coconut flour and replace some of the mozzarella with cheddar or gouda cheese. I mean what is there to hate about this.

We do limit ourselves with this dough as it still contains enough carbs and I believe eating it daily or even weekly would not be so ideal for trying to lose weight. That being said, I do believe every low carber should try out this dough at least once.

If you want to try the dough you can use this link or just google fathead pizza or fathead dough.  

I am sure you will be able to make something you love with this dough. Try it out, and let us know what you think.



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