….” Life bake products”

Life bake – “was born out of my sheer desperation, as a mother to a child with severe food allergies, in my quest to find HEALTHY Allergen-Free food for my family.”

I am not a fan of any pre-packaged or pre-made product, regardless of the endorsement labels. Normally, when something is labeled “Banting Friendly”, “Low carb”, its only a sales gimmick. I’ve seen the Life Bake products in shops, but never even bothered to look at them until I read the article in Lose it magazine (LifeBake – Lose it). The product started out not to fill the market with another Low carb (banting) product, but to address a need she had – very similar to ours – products that’s allergen free! LB_Grain-Free_Crackers_All_flavours

It took us another 6 months before I actually bought something, but I am so glad I actually did. We bought the granola – as we needed some variety in our meals. I’ve never been a cereal fan, so I was very skeptical about eating granola with double cream plain yogurt and some added strawberries. I must say – not bad at all!! We won’t eat this every day, but it is perfect for those mornings when you have limited time.

Little M likes picking out the roasted coconut from the granola – they are sweet and crispy, just what a 3 year old likes. She also enjoys the crackers and to her it is more like a cookie. She enjoys them with tuna “mayo” occasionally as well.

After the granola we tried out her seed crackers. My favourite – Rosemary. We do enjoy them because they are so versatile. You can have them as a snack with home made cream cheese, or for breakfast topped with scrambled eggs or even with some curry. The best part, Little M can also enjoy them with us.

I personally think the products we tried works great. I keep some of the cracker in my office for when I feel like having a snack. The granola also keeps will pack for work. We won’t eat this daily – but they will feature on the menu once a week. You can find a list of their products  at Life bake so why not try something and let us know what you think.

If you know of any other product  (in south Africa), that we can try – let us know.