….”Pork bake”

Pork bake – a new tasty way to cook your pork chops.

Apart from bacon, we hardly eat pork chops – for no other reason then Little M can’t have pork (due to allergies). My mom brought us some pork chops a few weeks back and I finally got around to using them.

I am not good at cooking pork, I guess, we only had it prepared one way growing up – baked in the oven until they were “dead” – so it always ended up being to dry for my liking. I decided that I need to find some other way to prepare these pork chops so that I can actually enjoy them.

I saw this recipe for mediterranean pork chops and it looked so delicious, I decided to make my own version. Overall, I really enjoyed the combination of tomato and pork, and it ensure the chops did not dry out.

For the tomato stew – I fried (in coconut oil) 6 tomatoes, diced into large cubes, one onion, 3 cloves of garlic (we love garlic) and seasoned with salt, pepper and Italian herb for about 10 minutes.  Covered and slowly simmered for 30 minutes until the tomato stew was thick


Because the pork chops were so big, I portioned them into smaller “chops”, and pounded them until about 0.5 cm thickness. Seasoned the “chops” with salt, pepper and Italian herbs and added some green pepper slices before I rolled them. I secured each roll with a toothpick at the bottom. From our chops I got about 6 rolls.

Using an oven proof dish, I layered some of the tomato stew at the bottom and placed the pork rolls on top. I covered the rolls with tomato stew and grated cheese. This dish was baked for 25 minutes at 160 C.


We served the pork bake with roasted veggies (mushroom, zucchini and cauliflower) and some coleslaw. I am sure this recipe will also work if you replace the pork with chicken or beef.  You can find the recipe on our Recipes pages.


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