Challenges – Kicking yourself out of your comfort zone

I love a challenge. Whether it is for work or personal, I can just not say no to a challenge. It seems that I just function better when somebody challenge me to do something. I am so into a challenge that I stopped talking to a friend (yes, very immature but in my defense I did warn him) for about 2 years even when I saw him daily.

So this year I already did 3 different challenges. I did a 10 day foodie challenge – which I shared on FB and IG. It was just a fun challenge to get people to share some of their favourite food related photos. As you know I also did a Whole 30 challenge (….Whole 30 challenge) and now I am moving on to the next challenge.challenge_header_logo

100 Days Keto challenge – This is actually more an experiment for me. We already know that LCHF is the best weight to eat, whether you want to lose weight or just improve your overall health. We never worried about tracking our total (net) carb intake since our start as our main goal was not weight loss. On average we would eat about 70 g of net carbs per day and still managed to lose weight (….”Our LCHF journey”).

So why am I now doing this challenge? Simply because many people believe that you have to be in ketosis (net carb intake below 25 g) in order to lose weight. I tend to disagree with this, from my personal experience with LCHF. I am doing this to see if eating below the 25 g recommendation will actually result in more weight loss. So I decided to set a goal of losing 5 kg for this challenge.

In order to ensure I stay below 25 g I had to learn how to track my macros. I am still very new to this and use the Fat Secret app to do this. What I have noticed was that how quickly and easily you can over eat on carbs, even if you just eat from the so called green list. So far I am actually enjoying the challenge but I guess it will get harder as I go along.macros

I will share my daily meals and macros on both our FB page and IG (@4_the_loveof) profiles and I hope this will also assist others. For the very first time I also decided to share my actual numbers (weight and measurements). I feel very fragile about this, but felt it is needed to stay true and accountable – so please be gentle. IMG_20170602_074434_199

To me, the hardest part will be not to cheat – and not cheat with banned food items but rather cheat by eating higher carbs. I must admit I enjoy sweet potato and we probably eat it once a week, especially over weekends when we tend to go out for breakfast. I am committed to this challenge as I would like to see if it will actually make a difference.

I guess I have the luxury to play around with these challenges as my main goal is not to reach a particular weight – but it would be nice to weight about 75 kg again. So why not join me on this challenge – what do you have to lose??challenge