….”Chicken soup”

Chicken soup – the magical cure for flu

I might be the only person that believes that chicken soup is all you need when you feel sick. So we started this winter on a bad note with everybody getting sick. First it was hubby with the sniffles, followed by Little M (she actually got so sick she needed antibiotics and a few days off from “school”) and finally I gave in and joined the flu club.

Since last week Little M didn’t want to eat much and I finally decided to make a HUGE pot of chicken soup for us. Not only for supper but enough to freeze some for the winter. We do enjoy soup during the winter and this is our first batch.mde

I must admit, I am not great at making soup. I know it is the easiest thing to do, but I just never got the hang of it. so even writing the recipe (Recipes) it was really challenging as I just tasted and add things as I went along. I guess the great thing about soup is you can just add whatever you have available with some great quality broth and you got soup. So please share your soup recipes with me.

I’ve always loved chicken soup. There is just something about chicken soup that makes my soul happy. I don’t know if it is the chicken or all the added healthy vegetables. Growing up I mainly had minestrone soup which my dad made – yes, it contained potatoes and spaghetti, but I loved it. Chicken soup to me was that luxury item I would want when I was feeling down or sick. dav

I thought there must be some more “scientific” explanation as to the magic of chicken soup. Turns out that there might actually be a reason. Lets just look at some of the basic ingredients of chicken soup:

  1. Broth – we all know about the health benefits (…..Bone broth)
  2. Chicken – It contains cysteine, an amino acid that is thought to help thin mucus in the lungs, making it easier to expel.
  3. Carrots – contains beta-carotene which helps boost your immune system and so fight inflammation
  4.  Onions – also have antioxidant properties helping you fight inflammation

So who can argue with the facts. Chicken soup is good for you – whether you are suffering from flu or just trying to beat the winter blues. So go ahead and enjoy every slurp of your steaming bowl of goodness.