….”Sky dinner”

Sky dining – dinner with a view, dangling feet.

We had the most amazing experience this weekend. In our family, I am the crazy one, the adrenaline junky, the one that would eat strange food or ride the scariest rollercoaster ride. So it was probably no surprise that eventually I would “con” hubby into doing something “crazy” with me.bdr

I’ve seen photos of people enjoying their meals suspended from a structure 20, 40, 80 m of the ground and always had it on my bucket list to do. But as we are living in South Africa, I honestly thought I would have to plan our next international holiday around such an experience. So imagine my excitement when I discovered you can now have a “dinner in the sky” experience right here in South Africa – Thank you Sky-Events.

A friend our mine actually told me about the South African version as her son got engaged during their sky dinner. So we decided that I will get all the information and make the booking. They had so many different options, from breakfast to lunch to afternoon snacks and of course the ultimate dinner in the sky. It wasn’t had to make our selection and within 2 days we selected a date and time slot and paid for our dinner, 6 weeks in advance. IMG_20170506_180121.jpg

At first it seemed a bit pricy (R 750 per person) but once we received the menu I felt it would be worth it, and in any case I am doing this for the experience and not the particularly for the food. Well, let me tell you, the food was exceptional! I enjoyed every course. Starters were salmon stacks – divine. Mains were beef fillet with vegetables – so tender and juicy. And what can I say about the final course – frozen cheesecake – I was in heaven. I never expected the food to be of such a high quality, so this was a very pleasant surprise and I think it add to the total experience.dav

The view from the top was also pretty incredible. At first the venue didn’t look like much. School grounds with the rugby field – you got to be kidding me. Once we were in the air, the view was much better. We were lucky to get the best of both worlds as our session started at 17:30 so we got to see the Johannesburg skyline both in day light and at night. I did enjoy the night light the most. You could see the Sandton tower as well as the Hillbrow tower – it was truly unforgettable. I am glad we didn’t choice the later seating as it was already chilly by the time we got there. Good luck to the people experiencing this in the winter.

The most exciting part of our entire trip was the fact that I only told hubby we are going out for the evening and he needed to dress warm. He had no idea what was coming until we reached the venue and we could actually show him – that is where we will eat tonight. I must admit, he looked a bit nervous at first, but also ended up enjoying the evening, especially after his shot of Jägermeister and 2 glasses of red wine.

I must admit I think the entire experience exceeded my expectation and I would love to do it again, perhaps a breakfast session. Life is about experiences and special moments with special friends. I can highly recommend this to anybody, even those that are terrified of heights, you are strapped into those seats so tight you can hardly move….or be crazy like me and lay down for a whole different view.

So go on – let you hair down, or in this case your feet down, dangling in the sky while you complete another bucket list item.


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