….Fish pie

Fish pie – a pie containing fish

I know its crazy but I can’t help it to write about an amazing fish pie recipe we tried. The sad part about all of this is we had the recipe for a while now. We do enjoy eating fish and will have fish cakes (Recipes) about once a week. We mainly eat fresh angel fish, trout and hake, but when I can find canned pink salmon on sale I go all out and buy in bulk. Little M is also crazy about fish – but sadly I still need to work on this recipe to make it egg free – #newchallenge.


We are creatures of habit and every Wednesday we will make fish. So last night I decided to try something new instead of the usual fish cakes. The fish Pie recipe in the newly published The Low-Carb Creed book (Buy it here) authored by Sally-Ann Creed, together with Merle Westcott and Janita Bold never really appealed to me as it uses pilchards for this pie. Just as I love most fish, I absolutely hate pilchards.


So I though why not use the recipe and instead of pilchards use my favourite pink salmon. Well, it worked perfect! This recipe is so easy to make and budget friendly – I just preferred the “Luxury” version of this recipe. Hubby had a second helping, and this hardly ever happens. I was surprise with the size of the pie, it is really enough to feed 4 – 6 people. It cost us a total of R 55 to make this pie. For 6 servings it will only cost us R 9.10 per serving – making it extremely cost effective for a “luxury” pie.fish pie lcc

I did modify the recipe a little – as I always do – and I must admit I think this will now become our new favourite. The basic recipe includes: pilchards (or pink salmon), eggs, milk, coconut flour, onions and seasoning. What did I do – as already mentioned (a few times) I replaced the pilchards with salmon, I also added mushrooms and zucchini to my onions, just for some extra veggies, and used coconut milk instead of full cream milk (also reduced the amount). Lastly I added some cheese over the pie just for added crunch.fish pie

We served our fish pie with a side salad, but you can eat it just as is. It will also be great for a big family dinner served with veggies or other sides if you are on a budget. This is not only a great recipe for dinner, but works perfect for lunch the following day. It can even be made into smaller “cupcake” size pies for platters or parties. And the best part? You can even completely substitute the fish with chicken for an unbelievable low carb chicken pie. I know I have said it already, but this was truly a great meal and will become part of our weekly meal plan from now. Thank you Merle Westcott and The Low Carb Creed.

Do you have a favourite fish recipe you would like to share with us?