…. a New year – 2017

New year – the time a new calendar year begins, and plenty of empty promises.

Why do we love to celebrate a new year so much? Is it because we feel the previous year was not very good to us? Or did we not reach any of our goals we set out to achieve? Every new year you see people making promises to themselves about loosing weight, shaping up, getting rich or even finding the dream man (for women).

In the beginning of 2016, we decided to make some changes. So I even created a Facebook folder 2016 – year of change. It worked well. Instead of making empty promises to our self, we took it one day at a time and just tried to make small changes daily. As you all know by now our biggest change was the lifestyle change. And happy to say we are still going strong.

I always like to reflect about the year that past. I must admit, 2016 was very kind to us. We finally took that boat cruise we always wanted to do. We  changed our eating habits for good. Little M had a very positive year, with no hospital stays. I finally started my blog (which I wanted to do for many years). Hubby build his bar and named his pizza oven. So all and all, we can only be grateful for all our family and friends (old and new) who supported us and helped us with all our crazy ideas (and recipes).


On new years morning, we were laying in bed, drinking our cream coffee and talking about new year resolutions. What will we do this year? Or what do we want to achieve. We decide that 2017 will be the year of strength. On the same morning I watched the most inspirational video (Why?) and they asked what is your WHY? Why are you doing what you are doing? Why do you get up every morning? You need something that drives you, no matter what happens. Without your why/purpose, how will you get back up when life gets you down.


It truly inspired me to take 2017 and reach my dreams. This year is the year where I want to grow strong. Physically, mentally, professionally, emotionally. It might seem like a lot but I believe you need to grow in all aspect of your life together. So how will I achieve this?

Physically – now with our new “bodies” we need to work on getting fit and firm. I believe a strong body can house a strong mind. We started a 5 week yoga challenge (new respect to all yoga experts), and if I could pick up my arms to celebrate it would. Who knew a few stretches can burn so bad (Yoga challenge) the fun  part is Little M can join in.


Mentally – to become mentally strong I need to read more, and I am not talking about novels or crime fiction. I need to read and explore more on ways to grow and develop myself, as well as our family, and possibly my new brand “4-the-love-of”. I am still be biggest downfall, as I don’t always believe I can do or achieve my dreams. Changing our lifestyle was one of our biggest achievements, mentally. Saying no to cakes and sweets use to be hard, no I can do it much easier.


Professionally – this might be a bit harder. How do you grow stronger in your professional life? Do you change careers? Do you look for a higher paying job? Do you walk over people to get to the top position? For me, getting stronger professionally is about working on certain characteristics (self motivation, driven, hard working, organized) which can help me reach my dreams. Professionally I still need a lot of growth. I would love to do my own thing (start my own business), focusing on our amazing lifestyle. This was another motivational video (JT Foxx) that given me that extra push to reach my dreams this year. I do see a huge gap in the low carb market and with enough professional strength (aka motivation and determination) I hope by the end of the year to take the first big step. Hold thumbs!


Emotionally – The last two years were pretty hard on us, emotionally. Not know what the next day will hold for Little M, and all the uncertainty with her health. I could feel that towards the end of 2016 I was not physically or mentally but more emotionally tired. So this year I will have to focus on my emotional strength. If you are strong emotionally, you will be able to grow strong mentally and physically, resulting in professional strength.


What is your dream for this year? What is your WHY? My wish for each of you will be to also grow stronger in 2017. Go out and reach for your dream. Be your own WHY!



What is your WHY?

Nothing will change unless you change